Where did Lucian Freud work?

He was trained at the Central School of Art in London, where he was as much known for his unconventional behaviour as for his drawing talent, and at the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in Dedham. Freud turned to painting full-time after WWII.

Where did Lucian Freud study?

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Where did Lucian Freud live?


Why did Lucian Freud paint?

He didn’t talk about his influences and didn’t really discuss his private life very much.” Nonetheless, Freud spent most of his life producing likenesses of himself, starting in his late teens. He painted a self-portrait for every meaningful milestone in his life (such as big birthdays).

What media did Lucian Freud use?


Is Lucian Freud still alive?

Deceased (1922–2011)

Who was Lucian Freud influenced by?

Freud was heavily influenced in his early work by a group of 20th century figurative painters known as the Slade School. William Roberts and Stanley Spencer’s, use of flat cubism, and distortion is evident in his work from pre 1950. His work was compared at this time to German expressionism, something he denied.

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Who was Lucian Freud’s teacher?

Freud’s most consistent model in his later years was his studio assistant and friend David Dawson, the subject of his final, unfinished work.

Where is Lucian Freud buried?

Highgate Cemetery, London, United Kingdom

When was Lucian Freud born?

December 8, 1922

How old was Lucian Freud when he died?

88years (1922–2011)

Where is Lucian Freud from?

Berlin, Germany

He was born Clemens Rafael Freud in Berlin, the son of Jewish parents Ernst L. Freud (an architect) and Lucie née Brasch. He was the grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and the brother of artist Lucian Freud. His family fled to Britain from Nazi Germany and his forenames were anglicised to Clement Raphael.

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